We believe in the importance of helping children to develop their social and emotional skills and competence.

We believe in the importance of play, as a valuable vehicle for children’s learning.

We believe that the teacher’s role is critical in connecting the content to the child’s learning experience.

We believe that the curriculum must be developmentally appropriate and that the curriculum and assessment must be linked together.

We believe that partnerships with families are essential and welcome all children and families into our preschool family.


Mission Statement

 The Torrington Preschool Center is a state licensed nursery school, serving preschool children and their families since 1977.

Our mission is to continue to provide a top quality preschool program in a safe, nurturing environment where children can develop their skills, as they work and play to prepare for a successful transition into Kindergarten. 

The Torrington Preschool Center has had a long history of collaboration with the Torrington Board of Education. Our mission supports the inclusion of children with special needs and developmental disabilities into our program, and fostering professional and family partnerships to ensure that the delivery of support services meets the individual needs of each child and family.

The Torrington Preschool Center has over 3,000 graduates, many of whom are now the proud parents of our current preschool children and graduates.  Our mission includes recognizing the significant role families play in the lives of their young children.  We value and support all families and welcome their culture, language, and ethnicity into our “preschool family.”

The Torrington Preschool offers a developmentally appropriate curriculum taught by specially trained teachers.  Our mission values and supports the teaching staff serving our children and families and acknowledges their professional commitment, loyalty and dedication to the Torrington Preschool Center and to the early childhood community.