Special Events

Throughout the year we host many special events for our preschool children and their families:

Parent Orientation: kick off the school year with a parent night out. Come to our meet and greet evening for new parents and find out all the exciting events planned for the upcoming school year.

Parent Teacher Conferences: a special one to one time to discuss each child’s school adjustment, development, progress and goals. A written progress report will be sent home at the end of the school year.

Holiday Program: come and be entertained by our young performers as they present a show and sing songs.

Graduation Program: a special presentation culminating the units of study is presented with a sampling of songs, poems, finger-plays, and sign language. Congratulations to all of are preschool graduates!

White Memorial Nature Center: a nature presentation with live and stuffed animals. Learn about migration, hibernation, camouflage, and nocturnal animals. Touch a live snake!

Community Helpers: a visit from a police officer, and a firefighter to teach personal safety, stop, drop and roll, 911. The dentist discusses healthy eating habits and brushing for good dental health, and your child will receive a new toothbrush.

Class Picture Day: School class pictures and individual photographs of your child will be available in time for holiday gift giving.

Hop-A-Thon: a hop-a thon is a school fundraiser, and a healthy, fun activity to raise money to help children with disabilities. It is our way of raising the awareness of children with special needs, and to promote the idea of “children helping children”.

Park Day: a field trip to Bannon Street Park for a day of outdoor fun. Parents need to sign off permission for their child to attend, and parents are invited for added supervision.

Pony Day: come and learn about horses and how to take care of them. Ride a pony at preschool right in our playground!

Llama Education Program: a live llama demonstration, with the story, “Is Your Mama A Llama?” Touch a llama, and learn some interesting facts about llamas. Do you know what sound a llama makes?

Mini Car Wash: a great day not to be missed! Parents bring their cars into the preschool playground and the children wash their cars.

Fun Day: Sprinkler! Bubbles! Sidewalk Chalk! Balloon Toss! Fun for everyone!

Universal Birthday: a special time to celebrate all summer birthdays with singing and candles and stickers.